jekyll and hyde

It has been another funny sort of day for writing and I am feeling a bit Jekyll and Hyde or bi-polar about the task this week.  Seems like every day I am swinging from enthusiasm to desperation and back again.

Earlier I was feeling sort of apathetic about the words that were coming out.  I decided to go looking for an old piece, maybe a short story, that I could post here … just *something* to share … again with that keep the momentum going idea.  I didn’t find a piece I was happy enough with to pull out.  I did find a fun quote, and a couple of other barely started projects that I’d like to go back to.

“Oh, I want to work on *that* story!” – me

“Which one?” – my lovely husband inquires

I laugh, because it doesn’t really matter, and I tell him the true answer, “Not the one I am working on!”

So, a break, dinner, a conversation with the kids … and back at it, renewed.

It could turn into another late night, but I need to find some kind of a reasonable schedule and establish some sustainability.  So, I am calling it quits tonight with words still in my head, to flow tomorrow.  4200 words is a daily output I can live with.  🙂  So is an 11:00 bedtime.


One thought on “jekyll and hyde

  1. Point of interest … that 11:00 bedtime thing, only really helpful if you actually go to bed at 11:00, and then are able to sleep. *grousing and bleary eyed as 11:00 became midnight which magically morphed into 1:00 am which wore on towards two before sleep finally found me.* 😦

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