Long week or Short … beginnings and endings …

What does it mean when Wednesday feels like Monday?  It’s already been a long week, and Friday is going to get here surprisingly soon?

I haven’t been sleeping very well which makes this whole sitting in front of a keyboard thing tough.  Also, just listened to the last of the Sookie (Charlaine Harris)  books today and am feeling rather deflated.  This feeling is not at all a reflection of the quality of the book or my thoughts on the actual execution of wrapping up a long running series, but rather just the disappointment of knowing that it is over now.

I have said it before, and I will say it again … I am not terribly fond of beginnings or endings.  I love being immersed deep in the middle the adventure.  Blank pages, introductions and getting started are intimidating, though there is an excitement all it’s own associated with the beginning.  And endings are so final … much anticipated but bitter sweet when they finally arrive.

Think I’ll hang out right here in the middle for a while.  🙂

(1250 words on my manuscript today.)


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