Favorite words – part of developing a unique voice or danger of a comfort zone?

Interesting thing about listening to an audiobook versus reading words on a page, at least for me, is my tendency to zero in on an author’s favorite words and phrases.   In one series the characters were constantly clambering and  in another the characters often do things “with alacrity”.  As another of my favorite writers might say, “Bad author.  No cookie.”

I have noticed that recently I have been drawn to the word “oddly”.  🙂

I tend to notice word “forms” when reading a book, but not necessarily the sprinkling of a common phrase throughout the book – on the same page, yes, but separated by several chapters – not so much. I am much more inclined to notice the shapes of words beside each-other, and the turn of an interesting phrase.

When listening to a book though?  If the word stands out for any reason, and then is repeated, even only once or twice, I tend to zero in on it.   I don’t know if this is a good, or bad thing … it is just a thing.  (Well, actually – I do know – in select cases it annoys the crap out of me, and in others I find it charming – and the nature of the difference in those cases … *shrugs*  I haven’t thought about it enough to give an informed opinion at this point.)

The conclusion that I have come to?  After my editorial re-write, I will have to record my manuscript and listen to it at least once before submitting a “final” draft.


3 thoughts on “Favorite words – part of developing a unique voice or danger of a comfort zone?

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