Hands – adult content.


Originally written August  2003

Samira Aveline

I’m thinking about hands again.
Snippets of hands here and there
… twisted in my hair …
a thumb brushed along my jaw line …
pinning me down … pinches and slaps …
my hands bound together,
my palms splayed across sex sweated skin,
a finger tip tracing absentminded patterns upon a thigh
fingers and palm wrapped around my neck pressed into the hollow of my throat
fingers curled into my skin leaving their impressions in color and form …
parting, probing, piercing …
big strong calloused hands,
dainty soft manicured hands
… fingers long and elegant, blunt and skilled …
the lightest scraping of a fingernail along the surface of my palm.
Dancing my fingers along the curves and length of my lover,
hovering so close to the surface that neither of us is sure if it is me,
or the movement of the air that makes the contact
… skin to skin …
heat and cold
… soft and hard …
gentle and rough


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