Wasting the day

I slept until noon today.  Noon.  Now I am sitting at my computer, ostensibly to look up banana bread recipes, but really, I suspect it is just to waste a bit more time.  There are 8 banana’s sitting on my counter that are going to be inedible soon – banana bread it is.  Hubby actually asked for it under the guise of “good parenting” … “Isn’t part of parenting baking things for your kids?”  *eye twinkle*  Uhhhh … no … pretty sure that isn’t part of the deal.  *laugh*

Maybe I *was* just howling at the moon – maybe the fear is paralyzing me.  Maybe I just don’t want to tackle writing the scene that is looming nearly complete just under the surface.  I have spent a lot of time this week “wasting” time … changing my blog theme and appearance … fucking off on facebook.  I think it is time for a stern lecture and some self-discipline. Maybe I should go ask the 16 year old to remind me of the lecture I just gave him a couple of days ago.  *sigh*  I suppose the apple really doesn’t fall far from the barn door … or something.  😉

Off to bake some banana bread, because really, wasting so much fruit would be a terrible shame – and then on to some writing.  Really.  Samira, just do it!banana-bread


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