Blogging Fly-by’s

I feel like I am doing blogging fly-by’s this weekend – this whole last week, really.

I was up way too late last night drinking wine and catching up with my best friend as we got things ready for her daughters graduation.  We have both known for a while that we do not get to see each other enough.  Last night drove home the point for me.  She and I do not get to hang out together nearly enough any more.  I think we need to start scheduling best friend date nights or something!  I knew I missed her, but didn’t realize how much.

Today is about graduation – pausing to take a moment to revel in the moment – the accomplishment – the hard work.  There is an element of anticipation and looking toward the future too, of course, but I think it is SO important to remember to stop and really enjoy the milestone before jumping ahead too far.
Tomorrow will likely be about recuperation … and on Monday I hope to be able to sit and address a bit of what Memorial Day really is for me – and reflect on some treasured men who have been a part of my life – who deserve to be remembered.


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