Advice I should listen to

Written to encourage someone else … but I should probably follow my own advice.  😉

The question really is, do you *want* to be a writer?  It has been my experience that if it is in your blood, it doesn’t go away.  Maybe the thing to do is to shift your focus.  At this point don’t worry about being published or “measuring up” to some abstract ruler.  Write what you want to read, write what you think, what you feel, what moves and inspires and feeds you.  Give yourself some space and time to grow and let the future and publishing and success worry about themselves for a while.


7 thoughts on “Advice I should listen to

  1. I fully recommend Anne Lamott’s book Bird by Bird. It’s got some grace advice like this. I also agree that one should focus on the craft a while and find people to look over work–building a community. But one should also be reading the market, too. Then, submissions will be a lot easier.

    I also recommend the websites New Pages and Duotrope. Both are handy resources.

    Best of luck writing!

    Thanks, too, for swinging by to like one of my posts. Cheers.

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  3. Writing whatever feels good is definitely part of the equation. But it’s beneficial, if not vital, to “touch the ground,” and keep in contact with reality by frequently submitting your writing to a workshop for feedback. The longer you go ’round and ’round in your own world, the more painful it will be to discover you have much to learn.

    And remember: An hour a day once a week for a year equals one novel, first draft.

    • *s* I wrote the comment on a critiquing website. I completely agree that (particularly if you are planning to release your writing commercially) checking in with reality is important from time to time.

      The thing is, when you start beating yourself up, and forget why you love to write … it is probably best to return to that for a while and let go of external pressures and self-imposed expectations and just do the work.

      At least, I think that is true for me.

      *love* your reminder. It is completely attainable, but one has to put in the work.

  4. I think that is good advice and one of the reasons I started my blog….just to write whatever I felt like writing. At the current time I have neither the mental or physical energy to devote to a major writing project such as a novel, but I do have the need to write, so will blog and write poetry for now.

    • It can be tough to carve out writing time, and not always appropriate to do so. Sometimes other stuff has to take priority. 🙂

      Glad that you are writing what you can though!

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