Personal challenge for June 2013

So, I have made it through one whole month of blogging, and writing – or at least struggling with writing.  Looking at my May calendar here, I did pretty well.  I did miss a day or two here and there, but for the most part I did alright.  I am finding a routine for working writing into my daily schedule and that is a really good thing.

So … here is my June challenge for myself:  one hour every day set aside to take care of myself.  Meditation, stretching, and walking.  This coming week is the kids last week of school.  So far as I know we have no major family events or obligations this month.  I can not think of any reason why I shouldn’t be able to dedicate a single hour out of 24 to myself.  Not to work or family or my writing goals, but just to *me*.  (Does that mean I have to leave the cell-phone and audio books at home when I walk?  I’ll think on that.)
Also, it will give me something to blog about other than my word count and banging my head against my creative wall.  😉 


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