Increased Mindfulness – Day 1

I feel like I need to edit this.  🙂  I really was tired when I started it.  It isn’t about sex.  I promise (or sorry…depending on your point of view.)

Does having sex in the middle of the night count towards my one hour for myself?  *laugh*

I had the most difficult time falling asleep last night.  (the sex helped!)  The last time I looked at the clock was right around 2 am.  The alarm went off at 6:45 as it does every week-day morning.  *sigh turned yawn*

It has felt like summer here the last few days – hot enough to feel sticky and uncomfortable just sitting still.  Start the day with a shower … wake the kids … set a 12 minute timer on my phone and sit in the silent living-room to meditate for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long.

Twelve minutes.  Piece of cake.  Breathe – let the thoughts flow … this is easy – hey, look at me go!  Damn.  Shut-up brain.  Okay … twelve minutes has to be nearly up by now … just breath – concentrate on the breathing instead of the thoughts … begin mentally preparing blog post … Shut Up brain! … crack eyes and peek at timer … Five minutes to go.  Christ, really?  … in through the nose, out through the mouth … I think my ass is going numb … shhh! … breath.

Phew!  only 48 minutes of me time to go.  *snicker*

Failed at the first 12 minute break of my day … alarm went off to remind me and I worked right through it anyway.

This makes for a lovely walk during my breaks from work.

This makes for a lovely walk during my breaks from work.

Left for lunch early.  I changed out of my sandals into walking shoes and went for a 24 minute walk.  12 minutes across the park and through the neighborhood headed away from work, and 12 minutes back again.  I took the mp3 player with me and listened to an audiobook (Deborah HarknessA Discovery of Witches) – no quiet mind there – but pleasure reading – I think that counts.

A couple of unexpected consequences to combining my 2 walking periods together during the noon hour:

1.  It is *much* hotter out there than I’d anticipated … walking should definitely be a morning activity – or late evening.  And I should bring an extra deodorant and clean shirt to keep in my desk for days like today.

2.  The lawn in the little park across the street is recently mowed and my allergies are flaring up for the first time this year.

*sneezing and sniffling, sweaty and stinky*  *lovely*

Okay – actually taking my 2nd afternoon break, and only 20 minutes late!  6 minutes of stretching … and my co-worker might think I am a little off my rocker.  😉

I am not sure how I feel about breaking up the hour across the day like this.  I think that it is good for me, in that I sit for far too long at a stretch and do tend to ignore my breaks altogether during the day.  It also feels far more manageable than blocking out an entire hour at the beginning or end of the day.  Get up a whole extra hour early for some quiet alone time before the rest of the household wakes?  Try to find a quiet space at the end of the day to leave the family behind for an hour?  And a whole hour in the middle of the day?  Unless it is my lunch hour … forget it.

So … I will try this for a week, see how it goes.  Maybe three 20 minute stretches instead of five 12 minute breaks … or a half hour morning and evening … I have a whole month to experiment!  For this week – five 12 minute breaks (or ten 6 minute breaks if that’s what it takes!)

I will spend the last minutes of my hour tonight before bedtime … another meditation and then a little stretching out before crawling under the covers in front of the fan.   I have no reason to expect tonight’s meditation session to go any differently than this mornings … but … we’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Increased Mindfulness – Day 1

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  2. What I liked most of all in your blog today was the authenticity, the brutal honesty of your first day of mindfulness, the one hour for yourself. Be kind and patient with yourself, I suspect it will be a process of elimination to determine what “fits”.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I don’t suspect. *wry laugh* I Know it will be a process … but I am determined to keep at it, even if I have to wrestle myself down every day this month to manage it. 🙂

  3. Good luck with your “me” time 😉 If you’re working at a desk, then take as many breaks as you can get away with. It’s not natural for the body to be so confined (stuck in a chair) for so long. When I can, I do like to walk during my lunch hour. It’s getting hot here too so I use personal wipes to cool down and freshen up after my walks. But I try (and often fail) to do as much stretching as possible the rest of the day. I do feel more productive if I turn away from my computer for a few minutes every hour and stretch, but it is hard to remember to that.

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