Bitcoin Vanity Address

My husband has gone a bit ga-ga over the whole Bitcoin (BTC) thing.  Yesterday he decided that I needed a vanity address for a “tip jar”.

“Cool,” says I, “I’m game, but I don’t think I am really there yet.”

I should have just saved my breath.  He was too excited about the prospect … and 12 hours later … there is a 1Samira vanity BTC address available for my use – which he has paid for with bitcoins, of course.

So – I am not really expecting any sort of tips at this point in my blogging journey – but if you are into bitcoins too, and you feel inclined or even want to play with transferring bitcoins back and forth – I am game. *s*

1Samirarn vanity address

Samira’s Tip Jar


I did not really get a $250 “tip”, but my husband was happy to transfer a couple of his bitcoins into my newly created bitcoin wallet for me to play with.  I guess this means I can go shopping now, if’n I want to.  🙂

The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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