Day 5 – Graduation and margarita’s

Today was not a normal day.  Kiddo graduated.  It is very strange to have a child graduating from the same Junior High that I myself once graduated from.  (The older kids went to Hubby’s alma mater.)

Walking to the car after the event our son told us proudly that he was the only one in his group of friends to have actual dress-up shoe’s.  It was really adorable.  I realized that in itself is a bit of a milestone in life.  He has gotten to an age when he actually asks to go shopping for clothes instead of having to be dragged kicking and screaming.  And he is pleased to have the proper shoes for the attire.  This may be the first “dress up” even that he has ever attended where he got dressed up, and it wasn’t mom or grandma making him put on the fancy clothes.

He had a swim party to go to after that.  Hubby went home (it’s his day off) and I went on to work.

Anyhow – mindfulness – no meditation this morning – straight to graduation, then on to work.  I did manage a lunch break and afternoon break where I stretched my legs.

After work I went out to get Mexican food and drink margarita’s with our daughter.  I told her all about the manuscript I am presently working on and the stumbling blocks in the writing that I am struggling with.  She told me about the series she is reading, and the book she is on now.  It felt really good to just sit and talk about things that interest us both and relax for a while together.

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, and hopefully a productive one.  I would like to take a long walk in the morning before the day heats up too much … and perhaps spend a bit of time sitting in the park and meditating.  We will see how that goes.  Maybe a bike ride to the park and then meditation.  Hmmmm….

In the meantime, maybe another margarita before bed.  🙂



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