Father’s Day

Purple neck tie

Well, my weekend has not gone according to plan at all … but it has all turned out to be good anyhow.  While Mr. Aveline was at work this morning the kids and I did some chores and coordinated a surprise Father’s Day dinner.

lasagna, salad and french bread are ready to go on the table as soon as the oldest and her boyfriend arrive.

Phone calls to father and stepfather done and a relaxing evening ahead of us.

Spending my mindfulness minutes today thinking about my dad, lot’s of memories … and thinking of how proud he would be of his grand-kids, and Mr. Aveline and me too.

Wishing all of the dad’s out there – whether biological or not … a very happy father’s day. And sending some thoughts out too for those who were not so lucky with their draw for “father” … hoping that they have found a loving and supportive “dad” figure to fill the hole … and wishing *those* men a happy father’s day also.



3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

    • Absolutely! 🙂 Happy Father’s Day. I think that single parents deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day … and deserve an extra day all of their own.

      I feel blessed to have Mr. Aveline as a partner in the kid raising … and even with a partner it is *tough*. I can not imagine doing it on my own. *SO* much respect for you!

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