Day 15 – Brutal

It was a brutal Monday, and I am just barely getting this post in under the gun.  13 hour work day, bathroom breaks and a dinner break – but no Mindfulness activities today.  Mr. Aveline (mock) wagged his finger at me over that at dinner.

I need to write about noise … I am insulating myself with noise.  Even falling asleep to sound lately.

*sigh*  Pathetic, but I am glad this Monday is behind me.
Tomorrow is another day.


5 thoughts on “Day 15 – Brutal

    • Thank you so much. 🙂

      I have been struggling with the writing a bit this month. It feels like I have a lot of whining going on in my head – and that is the *last* thing I want to pour into my words.

      • I see it differently, the ‘whining’ in your head, as you put it. To me it’s not that but you wanting to figure things out. Isn’t that why we all blog and tweet and have facebook pages? When we participate in these mediums, we are blasting our ‘whinings’ through a megaphone. It resonates because we are all going through the same experiences, we desire the same outcomes. Hense the popularity of all which I mentioned. Look at what is happening over in Turkey and Brazi and all the other places we are yet to hear about. Social media connected all these experiences and brought them out for all to see. Everyone whined and shouted through their own megaphone and lifted the burden off of themselves alone and shared it with others. Lighter is the load and faster is the movement…of change. So go ahead and ‘whine’ we understand, empathize, and love you for it. Live your life unedited Here is a fellow blogger who you may find cathartic – I know I do! 🙂

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