Day 16 – Walking the yard

Walking the Yard

It is another late night at work … in fact I am writing this from my desk and will be picking up my keys and heading home as soon as I hit Publish.

I did better with the mindfulness stuff today though.  I got myself up and away from my desk 3 times for real breaks, and ate lunch to boot.  I spent my first couple of breaks just stretching my legs and getting my blood moving.  It sounds pathetic (is pathetic) but I didn’t want to mess with traffic, or fighting to get the roller-gate that always jumps its track open – and I guess I was too lazy to circle the building to go across the street to the park.  Instead I “walked the yard”, walking circles around the fenced in parking lot behind the building.

At 6, when everyone else had gone home I got a little more energetic and did some calisthenics to get my blood pumping and wake me up so I could be a little more efficient in my last few hours of working.  I do not remember the last time I did jumping jacks!

I still have a couple of posts percolating in my head … thinking about my grandmother and my mother and myself – and exercise habits and long-term effects … and about the noise thing.  Spent the day plugging away on my computer with my headphones on and my ears full of sound.  Intend to fall asleep to Stephen Fry reading to me.  A few more days … and then maybe I will be ready to face some quiet and the insides of my head.




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