Day 19 – TGIF

Boy has it been a long week!  Last night I had a great couple of conversations though … conversations that reminded me of how excited I am about this whole journey, and why I love the things that I am doing.

You ever do that to yourself?  Get so lost in the mechanics of a thing that you lose sight of why you started it in the first place?  Anyhow – last night I went “Oh yeah, I really like doing this stuff – it isn’t just one more obligation and responsibility … it is actually something I love.  (My daughter says, “Don’t you hate it when your avocations start feeling like your vocations?”)

After an awesome conversation with my 16-year-old, I have some great direction for writing the teenage character that has stumped me.  I am writing an imaginary friend for my kid.  That idea tickles me.

Mindfulness … I am having a tough time establishing this habit.  I haven’t figured out (haven’t wanted to?) how or where to fit it in.  Maybe I am trying to change too many things all at once.

Or maybe I am just full of excuses.


Regardless … I am happy that it is Friday … and I am looking forward to spending the weekend *not* at work … and doing some of these things that I love.


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